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Life in Utopia

Greetings, Citizen!

You are a citizen of the far future. Your home is Alpha Complex. Humanity has advanced greatly since the bad old days of the 20th Century. There is no war. There is no famine. There is no disease. Alpha Complex is a utopia, run by a benevolent and omniscient computer. The Computer is your friend. The Computer provides for your needs. The Computer ensures that each and every citizen of Alpha Complex is happy. Failure to be happy is treason. Treason is punishable by summary execution. You are happy - aren't you?

We thought so.

You are a clone. According to legend, humans once reproduced by rutting, like vile animals. This is no longer true. Humans are grown in clone banks by The Computer. There is no longer any need for the messy randomness of love, romance and childbirth. The Computer makes certain that every human is genetically perfect in every respect.

See what love The Computer has for its citizens? The Computer is your friend. Trust The Computer

Each human is part of a clone family of six genetically-identical siblings. This is so that no one is ever lonely. Also, The Computer is well aware of the importance of making back-ups, in case of accidental loss or erasure. The Computer is wise. The Computer is benevolent. The Computer is your friend.

The Computer provides everything for the happy citizens of Alpha Complex. It provides food. It provides shelter. It provides entertainment. It provides challenging and meaningful work. It provides for the spiritual and psychological needs of each of its citizens. It exists to serve you.

But... Alpha Complex is at war. It has been at war for all of recorded history. There is constant danger of infiltration by the enemy. The enemy are the "Commies." Traitorous elements within Alpha Complex, such as mutants and secret societies, assist the Commies. These dangerous elements must be rooted out and destroyed. Enemies are everywhere! Stay alert! Trust no one! Keep your laser handy!

Security Clearance

Every citizen of Alpha Complex has a Security clearance. Your clearance is Red. Security clearances correspond to the electromagnetic spectrum: Beneath you in status are the unwashed masses, the laborers and drones of security clearance Infrared; above you in status are Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and Ultraviolet. Ultraviolet is the highest status.

It is whispered that there are clearances above Ultraviolet, but rumors are treason.

The Computer determines each citizen's clearance with complete impartiality. Higher clearance means greater responsibility; it also brings benefits - larger quarters, more privacy, a greater choice in food. The needs of all citizens are cared for, but those who sacrifice the most for the sake of society and their fellow beings are rewarded most greatly.

Citizens of higher clearance are more knowledgeable and more capable than you, and have advanced because they have selflessly served the greater good. You should defer to higher clearance citizens at all times. Failure to do so is treason.

Citizens are expected to wear clothing of the same color as their security clearance. Infrared citizens wear black. It is said that Ultraviolet citizens (also known as High Programmers) wear white, but vou have never seen anyone wearing white. Indeed, you have never seen a white wall or a white piece of equipment because of the security laws. You must wear red at all times. Failure to do so is treason.

In order to make sure that only citizens of the requisite competence, judgment and reliability have access to restricted areas, Alpha Complex is divided into colored areas. Citizens may only enter areas of their clearance or lower. You must stay within black (infrared) and Red areas at all times. Failure to do so is treason.

The Computer is your friend.

Service Groups

All citizens belong to one of eight service groups. Each service group serves an important role in Alpha Complex's bureaucracy. Each has its own particular responsibilities. Each constantly struggles with the others for funding, equipment, and personnel. Sometimes the struggle becomes violent. Characters may obtain special equipment, information or personal influence through their service groups.

Internal Security (IntSec) is responsible for weeding out traitors and Commies and maintaining order. It combines the functions of law officers, secret police, and monitors of political orthodoxy. lntsec is cordially hated and feared by citizens in all other services. Its agents are everywhere.

Technical Services (Tech) maintains robots, vehicles, communications hardware, industrial and production systems, and various electronic and mechanical service systems. In practice Tech Services' and Power Services' responsibilities overlap. Vicious bureaucratic rivalry and infighting develops over which group is best suited to serve The Computer in disputed jurisdictions.

Housing Preservation and Development and Mind Control (HPD & MC) is responsible for primary human services - housekeeping, creche management, education, entertainment, recreation, and retirement management. This is the largest, the least prestigious, and the least politically reliable service group, But as dispensers of propaganda, HPD & MC can sway the emotions of the masses, making it in some ways the most powerful.

The Armed Forces (Army) protect Alpha Complex against external invasion by Commie mutant traitors. They also supplement internal Security against internal threats. Tough, well- trained, well-equipped members of elite units like the vaunted Vulture Squadrons frequently serve as bodyguards and handle high- priority missions within Alpha Complex. Production, Logistics and Comrnissary (PLC) is responsible for agricultural and industrial production and allocation of resources. It prepares food and stores and distributes all consumer goods. PLC is only marginally more prestigious than HPD & MC.

Power Services (Power) maintains the power plants and the primary habitat engineering systems of Alpha Complex - traffic, air, water, and waste. Disputes with Technical Services fuel a bitter rivalry between the two groups.

Research and Design (R&D) develops new technology and equipment for use by The Computer and citizens of Alpha Complex. R&D's bold advances are better known for their imaginative conception than their reliability. The Computer is unrestrained in its enthusiastic support for R&D's visionary projects.

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the central supervisory and administrative authority of Alpha Complex. An entrenched bureaucracy handles records, regulations, human resource engineering, utopian engineering, justice, and executive operations. Certain CPU agents assigned directly by The Computerto projects of special interest enjoy unparalleled autonomy and discretionary powers.


All player characters belong to the Troubleshooters, an elite service unit composed of citizens from all service groups. Troubleshooters go wherever The Computer orders, solving whatever problems The Computer wants solved. Being a Troubleshooter is the most dangerous job available to any citizen, but it is also one of the few ways a citizen may rapidly rise to higher status.

If you are lucky and serve The Computer well, you may dream of one day joining the ranks of the High Programmers. But you must beware; the Troubleshooter's job is perilous, and there are traitors everywhere.

Mutant Powers

Your character has a mutant power. This can be a great advantage. This can also be a great danger, since having a mutant power is treason. However, your power may help you stay alive as you try to advance in service to The Computer.

Some citizens are registered mutants. A registered mutant is a citizen who learns that, through no fault of his own, he is possessed of a treasonous mutant power, and selflessly confesses his flaw to The Computer. In its wisdom and benevolence, The Computer forgives those who make full confession, and permits such mutants to live. However, The Computer requires registered mutants to wear uniforms with yellow stripes at all times. (Yellow clearance mutants wear a black- bordered yellow stripe.) Registered mutants are notsubject to summary execution when they use thier powers.

Certain powers are considered so dangerous to The Computer that revealing them results in immediate execution. A character would not reveal such a power to The Computer unless he had a death wish.

Registered mutants are self-acknowledged traitors, but their existence is tolerated by The Computer. Dedicated registered mutants may eventually overcome the stigma of their treason.

Excessive knowledge of the use, functions, and limitations of mutant powers is treasonous. Mutant powers are described in considerable detail on pages 68 through 73. Those pages are classified Ultraviolet. For a player to read those pages would be treason. Not that we can stop you.

The Mutant Power Table is printed on Fold- Out A. It is classified Red. You may read it. It lists the names of the most common mutant powers. Powers which are so treasonous that revealing them to The Computer causes immediate termination are marked with an asterisk (*).

Secret Societies

You belong to a secret society. This can be very exciting. This can also be very dangerous, because being a member of a secret society is treason. However, your secret society may help you advance and provide equipment otherwise unobtainable at your security clearance.

Other citizens may be members of other secret societies. Some of these other secret societies may be bitter enemies of your own. You may have many secret enemies.

Naturally, the doctrines, organization and beliefs of secret societies is restricted information. Excessive knowledge of a secret society implies membership in it, and is punishable by summary execution. You can gain such knowledge by reading the Ultraviolet material on pages 42 through 51. Of course, doing so is treason.

The Secret Society Table is printed on Fold- Out A. It is classified Red, and lists the most common secret societies.


Mutants and members of secret societies are traitors. All good citizens should report traitors to The Computer. You are a mutant and a member of a secret society. Good citizens would be quite eager to report you to The Computer. Thanks to The Computer, you will often be surrounded by good citizens.