What's here...

There really isn't that much here, unless you want to learn about me. More HTML ramblings will doubtlessly appear as I produce them and a lot of what's here is content i produced *years* ago ;)

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All pages on this site validated for HTML and CSS when I last checked them. The only possible exception is the image display script in cases where text in picture titles or annotations might make the HTML non-valid. This shouldn't happen, but I can't say with certainty that it won't, and i'm buggered if I'm validating every single picture in my galleries :-). Additionally, there might be some oddities with boxes under IE5 or earlier. I don't care.. One last thing. Before anybody bothers to say it, the "powered by jolt cola" image is a legacy thing. Yes it's very pixelled. They hadn't invented anti-aliasing back then.