About me

So who is he, anyway?

Bluemeat, otherwise known as Andy, is the supreme technical dictator of 'router', the linux box which usually sits on the Internet. Unsuprisingly, the role of 'router' is to provide connectivity to his house via the ADSL. Technical dictator he may be, but he doesn't have a pointy haircut. He also runs the box on timescape.org (also known as bluemeat.com) which sits at work.

Andy is a semi-failed student, having got a pass degree after resits. If anyone would like to give me a job, they can find a oldish version of my CV here. Andy works for Demon Internet, who are now owned by Thus PLC. Anyway, they are nice people that are hosting my pages as we speak. Andy's job is a "IMC Frontline Team Leader". Andy still hasn't quite worked out what this means, but seems to be something do with leading teams who administer the front line of an IMC. :-)

Andy has even been seen doing some work.. occasionally. If you sight such a rare occurrence, report it immediately to myself and I'll sit around for a few days to compensate.

Andy used to be a notorious/rubbish/average Quaker - playing in the UK Quake Academy, and very briefly in the UKCL - for a clan who can only be described as a bunch of Brass Monkeys (since that would be their name). He is also joined in the UK Quake Academy as a game admin. He doesn't have time for this any more, so just plays Lego Racers and other such stuff at home now.

The name bluemeat came about from a section of the Paranoia Role-Playing Game rulebook. Once upon a time, he used to write programs. He still does, and they're still as rubbish as the old ones. But these particular programs were designed to annoy the teachers at school. So we used the pseudonyms, blue-meat and Run-time-rewrite so they wouldn't know who we were. Of course, this was really actually incredibly pointless as we were, in fact, the only two people in the school capable of programming in the first place :-). Then I went to University and discovered Monochrome BBS and adopted it as my 'net handle. It used to be blue_meat, but was later shortened to bluemeat, after complaints from my millions of adoring fans that it was difficult to type. And mono didn't then go on to have 8 letter account names. Honest!

Some people describe Andy as being a goth. Andy used to go to Slimelight and he dances badly, so it can't be that inaccurate a statement. Then again, the terms "spod" and "metaller" as well as very rarely "hippy" have also been applied to me, so make your own judgment. A good place from which to stat, would be the pictures.

Andy is currently seeing a young lady called Naomi. Andy finds Naomi very cute and is enjoying seeing aforementioned young lady quite a lot. There is a conspiracy afoot for us to become husband and wife at some point in the future, sometime around August 6th, 2005.

Some other stuff

Unlike many people on the Internet, I don't blog. So there's not really a lot of content here that doesn't change. I don't particularly do the sharing of my wisdom or opinions online thing. Mainly because my wisdom isn't sufficiently novel that it couldn't be found elsewhere anyway.

Dubious claim to fame

Myself, Mrs Bluemeat and a few other friends were in the audience for the first Big Brother 4 eviction, we are just to the right of Davina's shoulder at the 29 second point.

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Here are an assortment of codes. I'm not going to label what they are though, nor am I going to give away where each one starts or ends. Do you recognise any of them? Did you decode any of them, and find out more detail than you wanted to know? :) Failing that, why not look at either my answers to the UPG netscrape poll or things that other people have written about me

GCS dxpu- s:+++ a-- C+++ UL++++B++$ P+>$ L++ E--- W-- N++ !o !K w(+) O- M-(--) V-- PS+++ PE Y+ PGP++ t 5 X R tv+ b- DI++ D++ G e++ h++ r% y* GoCS6$ TNrJtFe3 PSaL B7/20! cBk(Dbr)-p8 V7s M4 ZGoFanMeMe C9o a23= n1F b48D H176 g6A??96A m@Z4 w6A v1h r5e p3Z9ZZZz D78* h5(SgFe) sM5p SsWw k6dSDpRsN N??93SCO RfsS LukLon5 xRGiba6baPacaaaaGbaa54IBZSVXszjfgijZaZaG4BCdGa5a4aGG5aaaWaqGccci#hi4dojApe6baasEcagXRZFaaaGbabukLondon SVaSi/Bi/TgMaEr A23 W H w++ h D++ E+++ P47 a-- A+ b+ B-- Br-- c++ C++ Cd+++ Co+ d+ Di e+ f+ F+ Fi g+ i++ I k+++ m++ Ma+ n+ p+ P+ Pi r+ s S Sc Sw+ t T wa Wa WhCs6 LCoGoX hB(Br+)p+++ b69/8/3 B4ZZ a23 sM4+O! K8c6CmOhIpRtX QBbCVR v77s oZ X4#5 w5A rZ E* pZ fZ vZ g5 sZ D7Am6 Has+p1ukLondon3