Comments made about bluemeat

This is the gratuitious egomaniac section. All the following are observations about me by other users of Monochrome. They're not specifically in any order, but give an indication of the wide range of meets and things that i've been to, as well as the change in attitudes and behaviours over the years.

From: The Julia Chick (tjc)

[Thu Dec 21 15:22:57 2000]]

Subject: London December Meet 2000

Andy is yet another of the legion of people I've known on Mono throughout the years, whose sum conversational worth has being a few pleasantries. However, I was fortunate enough on this occasion to be enthralled and delighted by his gregarious and lively nature, and his entertaining conversation around the table in the Chinese restaurant. Even provided a brief outline of Tao when I broached him on the subject. Has an astounding and bewildering array of PDA's, mobiles etc - which is entertaining when everyone deliberately sets their mobile's to ring as Andy desperately checks his many devices.

From: GettingSpendingGettingSpendingGetting (clara)

[Tue Dec 5 13:49:01 2000]

Subject: Random obs in no particular order-

Andy/bluemeat - always smiling and huggy. Scary snog though! And apparently he used to be skiny!? I want photographic evidence!

From: *cough cough splutter* (daisy)

[Mon Jan 29 09:40:57 2001]

Subject: Southampton mini meet....

Bluemeat/Andy : Nice bloke. Gets on well with my Tyler so that scores tremendous amounts points with me....I like Andy, he is a good laugh and has a smashin personality.

From: you know where you are with orange (ritchie)

[Mon Jan 29 16:50:57 2001]

Subject: Soton mini meet

bluemeat - scarier than ever

From: Andy (Crazy on a night like tonight) (amboline)

[Tue May 2 13:53:25 2000]

Subject: Boating meet obs...

bluemeat - tart with a hat ;-)

From: Back to reality with a splash! (clara)

[Wed May 3 02:25:58 2000]

Subject: Boating Meet Obs


This was the second time I'd met Andy, and it was really good to see him again. He took to steering and navigating the boat effortlessly, and helped others to do the same. I assume he is better at navigating rivers than he is roads! He also has a cool taste in gothy clothes, and a strong taste for gadgetry! Bringing a Supersoaker and Light sabre was definately a good idea! Cuddly.

From: in need of some rl *hugs* (boneist)

[Mon Feb 7 01:45:54 2000]

Subject: from the glasgow meet just happened:


Is this the ultimate techno-geek or what?! 2 mobile phones, lots of cable (although not the correct ones, apparently!), a lap top, a digital camera, a minidisc player.... I can see a canditate for prototyping the direct internet-brain connection...!! Bluemeat, despite being the cause of many (but by no means all!) of the strange looks directed at us from the bar staff at the first pub we were at, is a cool bloke. He has trousers which have inbuilt corsets! and his hair looked quite good when he put it up...shame about the sideburns!!!

From: YoureABoyAndImAGirlYouKnowYouCanLeanOnMe (phil-99)

[Mon Feb 7 23:51:46 2000]

Subject: The people I spent much time chatting with at Glasgow...


To be totally 100% honest, I don't even think I knew the name Bluemeat before I turned up on Friday :) The leather trousers scared me for a little while *grin* but they suit ya really, lol. This guy is a true techie, carrying round 2 mobile phones, a nice little laptop, digicam and godknows what else in that bag!

From: realises the world is full of idiots (daisy)

[Sun Feb 20 23:22:24 2000]

Subject: mini soton meet fri 18th and sat 19th

bluemeat :-

ok...a goth...needed amke up lessons and how to chat up a girl lessons...:)picked up some old tart on friday only to get his fingers well and truly burnt...stressed out and couldnt sleep...better the following night...tried so hard to get off with my punk/mechanic/nutty sister didnt succeed so ended going home with a sado-masochistic bondage queen instead....looked very sheepish when he turned up at my place the following lunchtime,and *very* tired...no amount of torture was getting any details out of him (he must have endured much worse the night before ahem!)quote of the weekend...but i am shy and sweet and innocent....

From: (all alone in space and time) (vampyre)

[Sun Mar 5 00:39:56 2000]

Subject: Traditional one-liner obs ... i'm sure i've missed people

bluemeat: Not as gothy as me. Slut. Became bloody old yesterday

From: LendYourVoicesOnlyToSoundsOfFreedom (ruthy)

[Mon May 1 18:03:15 2000]

Subject: Boating Meet Obs - Part One

Bluemeat: Andy (commonly differentiated from the above this weekend with the phrase "Mr Andy Bluemeat Driver Sir" is another very cool guy. He comes a joint first in the strokeable clothing ratings for this meet, with his pvc trousers and velvet shirt with no real wrong grain to it. He also must have a HUGE head, judging by the fact his top hat thoroughly obscured my view when I wore it to attempt to drive, or navigate, or pileot, or whatever it was you call the crashing into trees with a boat thing which I did :) Another person I've known for around a year, and someone who the more I get to know, the more coolness I discover :)

From: Feeling umpty? Shake your clouds here! (boneist)

[Tue May 2 01:47:22 2000]

Subject: okay... my lickle obsywobsy from the boat meet...

Mr-Andy-Bluemeat-SIR! (Bluemeat)

Much Respect is due! Andy took to driving the boat like a duck to...well, water. He is a laugh, and easy to get on with. Likes to play Mao, and kept trying to rouse enthusiasm to play a game! Failed though...!! Also bought a NeoGeo (fretting due to lack of gadgetry this meet, I guess! *{;-) ). Cool!

From: BuildItUpTearitDownRebuildItBetter (splicer)

[Tue May 2 10:18:12 2000]

Subject: Ok, some obs on some people I don't normally do them!

Mr-Andy-Bluemeat-SIR! (Bluemeat)

Our main boat driver! he did a great job of it too! great guy who wears clothes I could be tempted to wear but I would never have the guts!

From: pears plums kiwi fruit damsons satsumas (ritchie)

[Sun Jan 15 19:27:09 1995]

Subject: Blue Meat

First one of the "new wave" soton spods I met. Laffs a lot and gets on the same wavelength of conversation as me most of the time. So we get on alright. He is a bit of a lonely heart tho; you should forget about that for a bit and go out and enjoy the world! (instead of staying in here spodding all day)

From: <+-AMF-+> The Nine Unseen Spods (macross)

[Mon Mar 13 11:51:22 1995]

Blue_Meat - Another character definately worthy of respect - especially when he, Ritchie and myself crashed the crystal maze computer (soton superbowl), and the only person I've seen get 0 points three times on the trot whilst bowling. Oh, and he keeps using his weapon on 10 year olds.

From: 'quack quack' said Mr.Duck (gentry)

[Mon May 1 13:24:34 1995]

Subject: bluemeat

Cool enough guy, but major spod type, with references to spod type things abound (esp. on the putting course). Still, nice enough bloke. And he talked about mono a lot 'O

From: laaaaarrrrrrrd II - the revenge (morry)

[Tue May 2 12:32:16 1995]

Subject: Obs Cont:

bluemeat: hm. took great amusement in intimidating 'munchkins' and was clearly a munchkin himself ;-)

From: You know when you've had Sprouts! (hat)

[Wed May 3 10:01:01 1995]


utter spod, talked about mono a lot (especially cliquy internals). a bit of a munchkin and a headcase too.

From: ,. (flippy)

[Wed May 3 11:41:02 1995]

7. Bluemeat - 91 *

Different from how I imagined him to be from pictures and the like. I seemed to have missed something about him. Munchkin? Someone enlighten me. Didn't really talk to him much for fear of Ritchie (TM)(See below.)

From: Don't ask.... (jules)

[Mon Jun 5 20:59:40 1995]


A man with a great sense of fun. And a good taste in drinks (who did finish that bottle of southern comfort by the way? I dunno whether i had the last one or you did...?)

From: ....@/ (unc)

[Mon Oct 30 12:16:49 1995]

Subject: Bluemeat

Well, I was quite shocked with Andy. He seemed such a nice boy, and to think he could be so depraved.... I mean, a family feast in 15 minutes? no chance.

From: Lets dance (diana)

[Mon Oct 30 12:33:40 1995]

Subject: Implode/Bluemeat

Tolerable apart, nightmare when they get together :)

From: YouToldMeYou'dHoldMeUntilYouDied (dingle)

[Mon Oct 30 15:25:42 1995]

Subject: Bluemeat

Excellent chap... even thouh he beat me at pool :( Threatened me though at times (nasty little man :). When's the baby due then andy? :P

From: LikeALeafOnTheBreezeYouBlewAway... (jules)

[Mon Oct 30 16:24:47 1995]


Don't take this man anywhere near a KFC, especially not if you're paying...

From: I didn't snog any blokes, honest guvnor (ritchie)

[Sun Nov 5 20:18:26 1995]

Subject: Bluemeat

Ah well, Andy is Andy is Andy, same as ever. He did do silly things with ice cream, such as stick it in my hair (and he did worse to other people too) but I can't really fault the bloke, he's a laff to be with. Although sticking ice cream down people's T-shirts is a bit out of hand, everybody was probably too pissed to notice anyway....

And he now owes me four pints, a burger, a pizza, quite a few drinks and ice creams and god knows what else. But I'll let him off. Cause I'm a mug.

From: kiss (gawl)

[Sun Nov 5 21:12:39 1995]

Subject: Bluemeat

Mad male. Having found out he's two days younger than me, we can almost guarantee a joint Bristol/Southampton meet in march If you need to learn about women, then this is the man to ask and kissing as well...

From: MyLoveWillKeepUWarmOnTheWingsOfTheStorm (jules)

[Mon Nov 6 13:46:46 1995]


Gawl & Bluemeat

What can I say? Seperated at birth? This is what I always thought, until I discovered that their birthdays are in fact two days apart... perhaps this is the best evidence for astrology yet ;-) Totally insane sharks, both of them, they didn't quite manage to turn the meet into the orgy that was planned... but we almost got there ;-)

From: Just A Little Baby Doll :) (mini)

[Mon Nov 6 13:54:47 1995]

bluemeat: was probably the most successful shark there (even tho' his proposal didn't get accepted!). Totally different to what i expected after talking to him on mono (admittedly once once whilst drunk!) was loud at first, but got quieter....maybe coz his mouth was occupied else where?

From: oh dear, scruple is going to kill me. (goat)

[Mon Nov 6 20:03:47 1995]

bluemeat - started off badly by arriving at the wrong platform and confusing gawl. can i forgive him for starting the ice-cream fight? definitely too possesive of cindy during the meet. for a shark with your reputation you should have moved on round the rest of the meet.

From: tellmetorelaxijuststare (skorpion)

[Wed Nov 8 00:41:00 1995]

Subject: obs (long!!)

bluemeat didn't see much of him at all at first, since by the time i finally got to bristol he had already hooked up with cindy, but when i did talk to him, he seemed ok...he's actually quite a perceptive bugger, much more than i thought he would be! of course i'd seen his name plastered all over mono prior to meeting him, which inevitably means complete spod or cool bloke, and i think he rates with the latter!

From: alt.fan.bouncy (kroz)

[Sun Feb 4 04:20:58 1996]

Subject: Southampton Mini-meet, 3rd Feb 1996


Met me at the station, along with Vornskr, and was my host for the weekends proceedings. I have met Andy before on a couple of occasions, including my last (ill fated) visit to Southampton. Andy is a generally nice guy, means well (though he can occasionally come across as a right moody bastard... hence ritchie and i ending up singing "it's my login and i'll spod if i want to, spod if i want to, spod if i want to, you would spod too if it happened to you")... and is generally someone who can be relied upon.

From: kroz - mono's premier slapper... (kroz)

[Thu Feb 29 12:27:51 1996]


andy is andy is andy is andy. a bit of a dodgy spod, but not as dodgy as vornskr, andy seemed a bit preoccupied with sucking kit's face off all night. he was sociable enough tho, so i suppose it can be forgiven... however now i know how ppl felt when i spent all my time snogging susie ;)

From: Apathetic.... without the A... (amigo)

[Sat Mar 2 02:38:30 1996]

Bluemeat...Only met him after a brief intro from meefy... saw him... he didn't seem to bothered about meeting me :( I guess fame is relative :)

From: Hi - I'm Kite - fly me? >:) (kite)

[Sat Mar 2 18:08:10 1996]

Subject: well this is belated cos i have no net access atm.... :(

Bluemeat - well what can I say? Andy is probably the sweetest guy I've ever had the good fortune to know + I hope I'm going to know him (in all senses of the word ;)) for a long while yet :) great snog too :)

PS apologies to everyone we ignored at the manc meet cos we were glued to each other's faces ;)

From: (gimmeonemorechance,tokeepyousatisfied) (kroz)

[Mon Mar 4 12:01:26 1996]

Subject: oh dear


notice the lack of spaces. there was that much space between these two. in fact, no, remove the ampersand. not jealous of andy, just jealous of them. tspeak to either of them much, but i'm pleased to see kit looking happy now (a new job, a new flat, a new boyfriend - a good month!)

From: Smbdy stl ll th vwls frm my nmln! (machine)

[Mon Mar 4 13:10:13 1996]


Hmmm! Arrived late, spent most of the time fastened to each other, but they were a good laugh nevertheless and put up with a certain lousy Mao player. Kite also had the nerve to call me an exhibitionist, even if I am one! =) umm, err, nice people.

From: Dunno what to put in here. Anguna? (deerfold)

[Mon Mar 4 13:50:14 1996]


Indeed they _were_ very close - and good luck to them...didn't see much of them despite being in their vicinity a lot.

From: WhatIfGodWas1OfUs? JustASpodLike1ofUs? (morpheus)

[Mon Mar 4 14:39:55 1996]

Andy & Kit (Bluemeat & Kite)

I didn't really get to see much of them, like everyone else. I saw Kit for a total of a few minutes and so can't really comment, Andy however, I've met before and (though he has habbits which annoy the hell out of me) overall, he's a likable chap.

From: why (explode) when you can (sherman)

[Mon Mar 4 16:24:09 1996]


by eck they were glued so they were..all weekend but particularly in manchester.

From: WorraWeGonnaDoWhenRitchiesCarBreaksDown? (mav)

[Mon Mar 4 16:47:37 1996]


At last, I got to meet this guy, although I didn't see him much, due to him being holed up in his room with Kit, or wrapped around Kit when finally emerging in public! Can be a bit of a spod, seeing as his house has an internal network, for starters, but otherwise a nice guy! Seems to follow after Ritchie in the one t-shirt collection... :) Thanks for letting me stay, btw - much appreciated!

From: Too tired to move... (mithy)

[Mon Mar 4 17:10:00 1996]

Bluemeat / Kite(?):

I think this is the happiest I've seen Andy! Kit seems nice too. Shame about the Family Feast challenge. There was lots of confusion as we failed to locate his address since someone had put the wrong house number on the map and no-one had told me and Skorpion the right one when we went to find them, which resulted in a lot of death-threats, argument, and apportionment of blame when we finally did meet up at the Superbowl.

From: "Pulp Friction" #4 out now! [E] pork_pie (pork_pie)

[Mon Mar 4 17:32:03 1996]

BLUEMEATKITE - Yes, they were attached at the waist, it seemed. I nearly got into bed with them cos the floor was so packed, but lucky for them I didn't. Didn't speak to kit, but BM was funny as I had expected!

From: Mad? of course.. just talk to me.. (edam)

[Tue Mar 5 15:28:37 1996]

Bluemeat: very brave for daring to organise such an event! Thank you very much. Didn't get a chance to talk to him much..

From: Spodito Ergo Sum (In Gloria Spoddi Sunt) (ritchie)

[Tue Mar 5 19:56:41 1996]

Subject: My go I guess....

Bluemeat : Same as ever, except he didn't talk to me much this meet. Maybe he was preoccupied with someone. Seemed to think Kroz was trying to be deliberately nasty to him on Sunday. And had a good bash at downing a family feast in 15 minutes. Maybe if we'd given him a break in between he could have finished it off.

From: WomenAreSafeWithMe:ICanOnlyPullPints! :) (mav)

[Wed Mar 6 10:28:36 1996]


Owes me a drink, seeing as he bottled out of the Family Feast Challenge! Still, I believe he's a man who honours his debt, and therefore I shall see him in Coventry... :) Oh, and I owe him a little tub of washing powder... :) I dread to think how I came out in the photos; I must look like I have a seemingly terminal case of dandruff! Help! :)

From: <*> <*> and so it concludes <*> <*> (darkness)

[Thu Mar 7 14:42:05 1996]

Subject: the soton meet (continued)

Bluemeat: Last year in halls, no matter what time you came in (eg. 4am), if halls computer room was still open then at least one of (maybe) three people would be there. Bluemeat was one of them. Always struck me as a nice guy, although it might be suggested that he spends just a tad too much of his life on computers. There was slightly more of him this time than when I saw him last, but it kind of suits him in a way. He was incredably reluctant to come out of his room on Sunday night, inspite of mav's persuasive technique of trying to knock his door down. He finally emerged to cover mav in a shower of a white powder. I'm not sure what the powder was, but Im gonna say it was talcum powder. Must have been mad to have put up that many spods in his house. All in all a good sport.

From: Clueless fancy a ride ..in my spitfire:) (spitfire)

[Thu Mar 7 19:39:39 1996]

bluemeat and kite

i have put these to together as they were together most if not all the night i have met andy before and he aint changed none kite seamed very nice and they make a nice couple

From: mrs pleasant (skorpion)

[Sat Mar 9 20:53:34 1996]

Subject: this is a bit late, but nevertheless...

BLUEMEAT & KITE: andy definitely seemed happier than i have ever seen him! admittedly, i usually see a bit more of him at meets, but hey....it was his birthday, so why no have a great big stonking party, even if it took place in his bedroom! ;) and kite...good luck to you :)

From: you know i can see what you really are (gawl)

[Mon Mar 18 12:16:47 1996]

Subject: Manchester

Bluemeat & Kite: Well, they arrived late, and they were all over each other, couldn't separate the two of them at all. Obsolutely disgusting.

From: u didn't hurt me nothing can stop me now (gawl)

[Mon Mar 18 12:28:53 1996]

Subject: Southampton

Bluemeat & Kite: Yes, of course they were all over each other. And Bluemeat still didn't manage to do the KFC Family Feast either. AND Bluemeat spodded when he got back to his house that night. saaaad.

From: IF TIME > 02:00 AND < 08:00 USER = SPOD (docu)

[Sun Apr 28 18:54:06 1996]

Subject: 1st Obs from Covmeet......

Bluemeat: Andy is a sound bloke, very easy to get along with and a total Mao-maniac! Was missing Kite for the time that she wasn't here. But when she did arrive - happy happy Andy !!!! Hope to see you again soon.

From: Goat's Cheese (edam)

[Mon Apr 29 16:53:27 1996]

Subject: Right! My obs from Warwick Meet 96....

Bluemeat Lovely guy, I'm glad I had more chance to see him this time (well he was otherwise occupied in Soton). Friendly, funny, and another fiendish Mao player... He counted down the minutes to when Kit was arriving which was very sweet, if a little sad! And yes, 'entity' was probably the right description, Andy!

From: Kind, Caring, Helpful, F*CKING STUPID!!! (kyrian)

[Mon Apr 29 20:26:39 1996]

Bluemeat: Andy, as andy was last time we met, but with kite this time, hence didn't see much of either of them... What can I say. Kiss fan, likes cool music, Mao *growl* obsessive...

From: IllLoveYouJustTheWayYouAreIfYourePerfect (dingle)

[Mon Apr 29 23:00:19 1996]

BLUEMEAT: Good bloke. See previous obs mostly. Andy came up with some evil rules for Mao, along with Jules. Seemed to be under the illusion that if he walked through the laserquest place shouting "Don't shoot... I'm resting!" people would actually comply! :-)

From: Can'tDecideOnANameline,ButInLoveWithEdam (goat)

[Tue Apr 30 18:40:08 1996]

bluemeat: Keen on his Mao and tests, bnut not as much as on Kite. Always knew how long it was before she was arriving. Was determindly anti-social after she arrived, but I think we gave them a good run for their money, especially with the ketchup and chips!

From: Obs & Ends... (qyv)

[Wed May 1 10:28:46 1996]

Bluemeat (Andy): Finally got to meet this alleged-shark, though quite how that rumour ever started I'll never know (:* As has already been said by others, he was just a little down without Kite, but once she arrived improved immensely, taking on all-comers at Mao. At least at this meet I did get to see his face and shake his hand, at the last both he and Kite were just a little tied-up with more important things (;*

From: 20 - 20 Hind Sight Comes as Standard (stanton)

[Wed May 1 11:31:55 1996]

Subject: cont...

Bluemeat: A very aimiable guy and a total mau fanatic responsible for all the games that we had over the weekend! Was very keen about getting to the train station on time on saturday to meet kite :) with just reason. Kept giving me penalty cards! a very easy going, easy to get along with guy who took some photos on sunday morning that he may use later in life to top up his bank account! Also too good at Worms!

From: Sticks Float -- They Wood </VD> (pie)

[Sat Dec 7 18:16:13 1996]

Bluemeat is the possessor of many stirling qualities, including the ability to publicly enjoy a beverage that exposes him to riducule from all sides. Having purchased his "Hooch" he did then enjoy it and make conversation that was witty and intelligent. He did also make a most determined attempt to engage in various sexual activities with his lady, including the application of forcible amounts of suction to her bilabial surfaces. Most amusing and sound bloke, indeed.

From: (love) (sex) (intelligence) or (ritchie)

[Mon Jul 8 20:30:02 1996]

Bluemeat: Of course. Get Andy in a pub with ten other spods, and he'll suddenly pronounce "Hey, I've got two packs of cards" and throw everybody into a two hour game of Mao. Now, I used to think it was quite a laugh the first few times, but it's worn off since then, and I've got utterly sick of the game. Oh well, I'm just whining again. He's alright really.

From: (I wish you could) Take Me Higher (scruffy)

[Sun Feb 2 19:55:27 1997]


First I have to congratulate these two on having been together a year as of next weekend! It seems longer somehow....anyway, these two were as friendly and funny as ever. And it was nice to talk to Kit and find out that neither of us was *entirely* abnormal! Kit got a pair of trousers in my size for 3 quid. Cow. :)

From: R.E.V.E.N.G.E. - FindOutWhatItMeansToMe. (pork_pie)

[Mon Feb 3 03:00:40 1997]

Bluemeat & Kite were two people I'd met once long ago, and they were pretty cool peeps. Andy I expected to be a typical sad spod from my experience of him on mono (sorry!) but I actually found that he was a very fun character who was game for all the mad things we got up to. Kit I didn't speak to other than "Will you look after my camera for me please?" (eek! sorry :) but she plays Point Blank like a sniper (though she lost). A thoroughly likeable couple if ever there was one.

From: Marauder : Toasted Spice (docu)

[Mon Feb 3 13:23:26 1997]

Bluemeat: Andy had the idea of cuffing me in Laser Quest, and for that I owe him big-time........Watch yer back....... ;)

From: I need your encouraging (b_hazard)

[Mon Feb 3 18:35:52 1997]

Subject: Oh yeah...

Bluemeat : Another spod with good taste in music (well according to my tastes anyway :)) and a good shot at Point Blank...

From: !dops a woN (xela)

[Tue Feb 4 18:15:52 1997]

Bluemeat - Andy

I haven't spoken to Andy before, despite the fact that he's also a soton spod. Got on well with him.

From: Don'tDrinkAndDrive,ItSpillsOnTheWheel (madbob)

[Wed Feb 5 20:07:31 1997]

BluemeatKite: Didn't talk to them much, bit of a shame! Happy anniversary!

From: That which we call a ball... <RMF> (mij)

[Fri Feb 7 15:16:00 1997]

bluemeat: I hadnt seen andy in over two years, and was amazed by the transformation... its not the same guy!! good be a very good musketeer if he improves his sword fighting ;) otherwise a good laugh :)

From: My Valentine Has Shining Eyes... (dakeyras)

[Tue Feb 11 14:24:59 1997]


Andy was the most extravagant of those who had their nails painted, and didn't mind having a different colour on each nail... which was quite amusing, really!

From: Six Bells And Fourteen Whistles (ritchie)

[Sun Feb 16 12:21:34 1997]

Subject: Here is a cool game

The object of this game is to go to a party (such as the fairly well publicised Darien's 22nd Birthdy Party, for instance) and in the space of about eight hours meet 20 to 30 spods and attempt to remember afterwards who they all are and what they're all like.

Let's start with the easy ones first I think, that being people I know inside out and back to front. Such people would include Bluemeat the long haired computer scientist and occasional metaller, whom I now know inside out really, although recent adaptions to his persona include wearing shades, carrying around large quantities of nail varnish, and smoking lettuce leaves.

As I have said before, nice guy. Also ever present was his other half Kite who was usually around in the conversation somewhere.

From: -;'"$#^&*(?/.,}{[]~#:@!=+_\|`) smiley (marauder)

[Sun Feb 16 19:39:44 1997]

Bluemeat spent ages telling my friend Anna how many Fry and Laurie quotes she had put in HUTL and how long he had spent moderating it. Off his rocker really- Anna doesn't even have a mono account. YET.

From: At Lords Now - The Umpire Strikes Back (tufty)

[Mon Apr 28 10:05:06 1997]

Bluemeat - I was a bit nervous about meeting Andy, because we had had somewhat mixed communications in the past, but was pleasantly surprised toi discover that he`s a very nice bloke, and a good laugh.

From: A pointless nameline is now necessary (rhythm)

[Mon Apr 28 11:29:58 1997]

bluemeat - quite an outgoing personality, seemed okay, did quite well on some of the arcade games (I think) and supports Crystal Palace. Enough said.

From: Drop dead, gorgeous. (mayday)

[Mon Apr 28 23:20:07 1997]


Andy's always struck me as a nice enough bloke and was kind-hearted (or perhaps gullible) enough to come to my rescue when my frankly pathetic attempts to persuade Kroz he wanted to buy me a drink met with inevitable failure. So thank you.

From: "Fight that wild hair" - 'The Tick' (edam)

[Tue Apr 29 14:28:27 1997]

Bluemeat: Mein Host. Thanks! Loads of bits of computers all around his room and of course Kit too - who won the first prize for snoring of the 4 people I heard snoring over the weekend... ;)

From: Closer To Being Further Away (zane)

[Wed Apr 30 13:10:06 1997]

Bluemeat - has trouble when it comes to telling the difference between placentas, prolapses and pregnancy, but is a completely fun person, and I *shall* beat him at Quasar next time...

From: I *am*, I *feel* (nasa)

[Sun Jun 15 21:07:51 1997]

Bluemeat: Met him before easter. (did say I didnt do obs didnt I?) A true friend. Incredibley caring, warm and understanding and the occasional depth of observation and understanding that can scare you if you aint expecting it.

From: It's Not Useless, I Can Hitch A Ride. (kroz)

[Sat Jul 5 10:03:40 1997]


Sad sad pair. Not as ridiculously clingy as usual. Fans of the 'why are there so many Chinese people in Harrow?' joke.

From: I Love My Shadow (mercenar)

[Sat Jan 17 01:20:08 1998]

BLUEMEAT: Here's the guy you have to blame for introducing me to Mono. Also for showing me what a demi-goth is too. ;) Generally cool and was pretty helpful when I was just a lowly 1st year. Thankeee kindly!

From: heading progressively skywards (ritchie)

[Sun May 17 23:59:34 1998]

bluemeat (Andy) was his usual manic self, although he mercifully failed to bring out a pack of cards all weekend

From: I'm a Barbie girl? Help! (mercenar)

[Wed May 20 20:51:33 1998]

bluemeat - Good old Andy. I've known him for a while now, as he used to go to my university. He's even got himself a new Spod Job[TM] too. Anyway, he was a laugh as always. Go Andy, go. :)

From: Lou (+-+=Mono Life Is Rubbish>Mono<=+-+) (nasa)

[Wed Jul 29 20:27:54 1998]

Bluemeat/Andy: There were too many andys. Hes a nice guy and another always friend.....wish you coulda stayed longer mate but it was great to see you. Another huggy spod.

From: Lou <-+-+A Circle Of Friends+-+-> (nasa)

[Wed Nov 4 22:01:36 1998]


Awwww - I cant say anything about these two that I havent said a thousand times before. Lovely people.

From: who breaks the butterfly on a wheel? (ritchie)

[Mon Mar 22 12:46:56 1999]

Bluemeat (aka Andy) - was keen to try every drink in the bar mixed with Red Bull. Including sherbert, which was later used to bribe one of the barstaff in the pub with. Still the same as ever.

From: let it rain on us forever (skorpion)

[Mon May 10 22:18:38 1999]

bluemeat: I've seen him about and been vaguely acquainted for absolute ages, but recently we've actually got around to talking more, which is good. Guns! Big ones!

From: (+I believe in me I believe in you+) (nasa)

[Sun Jul 18 20:32:07 1999]

Andy (Bluemeat) - Huggable and not himself at all. Another person who is easy to worry about but also incredibly easy to talk about and laugh with :)

From: tonight london loves me only (pork_pie)

[Thu Jul 22 23:42:49 1999]

Andy (Bluemeat): I have only recently discovered that Andy works about 100 yards away from me, so we'll have to meet up some time and "do lunch". Sadly preoccupied by certain events, but managed to conduct himself with reasonable enjoyment for the time that I saw him around. Unlike some of the people there, Andy hasn't changed a lot, and that's not such a bad thing, really.

From: Perfect Love & Perfect Trust (leeza)

[Sat Oct 23 15:06:05 1999]

Bluemeat/Andy - I liked the nail varnish. He seemed to be about as respondent as me last night, but seemed like a nice guy all the same.

From: Binting underpants with the Devil. (spoof)

[Fri Dec 24 17:55:01 1999]

Andy (bluemeat) Not quite the happy Andy of old. His threats to start a game of mau were not being taken seriously (nobody threw anything at him when he suggested it). I think you should leave some of the toys at work though, we come to meets to avoid this stuff.