The good, the bad, Microsoft Windows(tm), and the downright shit.

An assortment of random musings, rants and other stuff. Nothing exciting here though really, i'd consider moving on to the next page :-).

The Good


Mmmmm, smoky Islay goodness

My phone

Orange SPV E200. It plays music.

Hello Kitty Ninja Warriors

Well okay, I only really wanted an excuse to put this anim gif in which i borrowed from their site :-).. They are a member of the I hate frames club, mind you..


Okay, this isn't meant to be a music page, but Kiss, in a nutshell absolutely rock. I was lucky enough to see them at Donington and again at Finsbury park, and they ruled. Twice.

Dune 2

Dune 2 rules. Atreides kick butt... and Harkonnen... and Ordos..

Command & Conquer

Kicks dune II into another universe...

Red Alert

Kicks C&C's butt.

Command & Conquer: Generals

Kicks all of the other C&C games sideways

The Brass Monkeys

The quake clan I was in. We kicked arse... execept when I played :-)

The Bad

I'll think of something later.. maybe..

Errm, yeah, perhaps this could be an entry in itself. Not being able to think of anything bad to write about. I'm sure I will though :-)

Microsoft Windows™

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft, and hence has intrinsic humour value.:)

The Downright Shit

My Walkman

Basically, it's crap. It takes AAA sized batteries that last half a side of a tape, if you're lucky. It makes silly noises when it plays the tape, too.

Boringly, though, I bought a new one, and it's good..

Microsoft Backup

Well, okay, it's not Microsoft backup, but it's still shit. I made some backups on a friend's machine, bought them home, and every version of backup I use won't restore them. Plus, when I reinstalled DOS, it decided to rejoin my two partitions, thus wiping all of my data.

Things that don't really need the mouse that need the mouse

You know how sometimes you get perfectly normal looking software, which you can use fine with the keyboard, and they say This Program Requires A mouse . Well they can fuck off.