The Monochrome dictionary.

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Short for Absolute Zero, Abs is the writer of the mono software and overall ruler of Monochrome. What he says goes.
This group of people have overall responsibility for the general day to day running of Monochrome. They do most of the tasks such as acocunt creation and handle most of the complaints. Each member of admin is responsible for a section off the main menu and all have Disconnect privileges. They are answerable only to Abs

Common Room
The main centre of focus in the Talker. You can get to it by typing ".out" if you are in a person's room.

An edit is a comment added to a file. Each edit is signed with your name andnameline as well as the time and the date. In an anonymous file, your account name is left off
When you examine a user - you look at their examine screen - a typical examine screen looks like this.

A file is a series of edits strung together.. Altogether there are 3,333 files on Monochrome.

A ghost is where a user fakes a system message in the talker :


    eliza 'i don't know what do we think of graham'
    lenin 'I asked you that'
    eliza 'we like graham'
    lenin 'why is that?'
 bluemeat ghosts
	  <+ bluemeat's mum enters the talker +>
    eliza 'i don't know why is that'
    lenin 'Well, I don't know.'
          <- lenin leaves the talker -> 

The "bluemeat's mum enters the talker" was done by bluemeat and not by the system. Whereas "lenin leaves the talker" genuinely is because lenin left the talker.

Your infotext is part of your examine details. Each user has 8 lines to write what they want about themselves. Your infotext can be read by anybody who examines you with [ESC][E]

Your nameline is a 40 character 'signature' which is displayed in the users on screen and also before your name in a comment file and messages.

Example :

|\/|            (3) Users on Monochrome at 08:01 (You have mail)           |\/|
|  | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |  |
 Account  Name                                     Current Action
 bluemeat babe magnet of the wrong polarity..      Users on Monochrome at 08:01
-dp       dp                                       Send Message to bluemeat:29
 hunybear Remember: You can press [ME] anywhere.   Reading Messages [ESC][R]
A newbie is a new user - ie someone who is not really acquainted to the system. Newbies can be spotted by the fact they ask lots of questions.
Short for Nomination, this refers to either a sad edit, sad talker spod, witty nameline or witty edit nomination.

Penalty Box
The Penalty Box is run by Norm and Berik. The Penalty Box, sometime abbreviated to PB, is a place where users can nominate excessively sad comments or behaviour. If a user recieves several nominations, he recieves a system autoban either from the Talker or making edits. The name Penalty Box is a slight misnomer as they also handle edits for the wittiest comments as well.

Each user has a room in the talker.

A sat number is basically a unique number used to refer to your connection to Monochrome. For most actions you can type the sat number instead of the account name.
Someone who goes after people of the opposite sex with an enthusiasm previously unheard of.. Can also mean to 'chat up' or get to know a member of the opposite sex.
Monochrome consists in the most part of spods. As for what a spod is - I'll leave the definition to you.

The talker is the place where you go to converse with multiple users. It is like a primitive MUD, with emote, tell and shout, but no user-object interaction. There are multiple rooms in the talker - the most notable of which is the common room - which is where (normally) the action is at. You can reach the talker with the command ESC-T

Short for User to User, this basically means a message sent with [ESC][S]

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